What the Street!? The Mobility Space Report

    Urban space is limited! How much space does mobility need? How is it allocated and how might cities change?

    $ [2017-06-21] - Status: finished

    Who "owns" the city?

    With What the Street!? - The Mobility Space Report, we set out to explore urban mobility space and to answer our questions systematically, interactively, and above all, in a fun way. Inspired by recently developed techniques in data visualization of unrolling, packing, and ordering irregular shapes, we packed and rolled all mobility spaces into rectangular bins to visualize the areas they take up.

    • How do you visualize the total area taken by parking spaces? - You pack them tightly.
    • How do you visualize the total area taken by streets and tracks? - You roll them up tightly.

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    The resulting shapes give a mesmerizing, never before seen perspective of urban spaces:

    All packed up and ready to go

    Parking in Los Angeles

    Behind the scenes: http://lab.moovel.com/blog/about-what-the-street


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