Roads to Rome

    We approached one of the biggest unsolved quests of mobility. Do all roads really lead to Rome?

    $ [2015-11-25] - Status: finished

    At least for Europe it is obvious: all roads lead to Rome! You can reach the eternal city from more than 3.3 million locations all over the continent. Which road would you take?

    The saying "all roads lead to Rome" might refer to a bronze monument built in 20 BC, called the Miliarum Aureum (lat. "Golden Milestone"). The Miliarum Aureum was used as a reference point for travelling throughout the Roman Empire. It was considered that all roads lead to this monument.

    Roads to Rome

    See the whole project with description on the link below

    The outcome of this project is somewhere between information visualisation and data art, unveiling mobility on a very large scale. View and interactively explore all roads to Rome and other cities.

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