Making of: The Autonomous Human Drone Taxi


    Raphael Reimann


    Last week we released our video report on the autonomous human drone taxi. We raised lots of questions with this video, but we also have the answers! We compiled an interview session on the project's background, and our thoughts and intentions in the Autonomous Human Drone Taxi report.

    Our thoughts on the Autonomous Human Drone Taxi

    Background information about the production and intention of the video and moovel lab

    We used the video of the autonomous human drone taxi service as a speculative design experiment. During the making of the piece, we encouraged many parts of moovel GmbH to think about ideas related to the future of our products ... But the speculation didn't stop there!

    Thanks to,,, and we managed to inspire thousands of people to take part in our experiment. These people might have been transportation experts or maybe had never even thought about the future of urban mobility. But through this video our audience invested at least 3 minutes of their time, and this might have triggered their own ideas on the future of transportation.

    Behind the scenes

    Take a look behind the scenes!

    People wondered about safety issues, about energy consumption, and whether it would even make sense sending traffic into mid-air. Is 3D-navigation possible with the technology we have at the moment? What would access to a service like a drone taxi look like? Would you need a Multi-Pass or could it be managed through your smartphone? Would it be possible to take carry-on luggage?

    All these questions could lead to a feasibility study of this new transport method. And since mobility is something very personal, the discussion should be held in an inclusive manner. Now simply replace autonomous drone taxis with whatever you think will bring us from A to B in the future ... Welcome to the way we work in the lab!


    Eileen MandirHead of Product & Lab
    Benedikt GroßResearch Associate for Speculative and Computational Design
    Raphael ReimannExpert for Digital Geography and Urbanism


    Raphael ReimannCamera & Sound
    Benedikt GrossCamera & Lighting

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