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    Tilman Haeuser


    We've all been there: Sunday afternoon, making Grandma's awesome chocolate chip cookie recipe, but there's no more flour. Asking the neighbors for some of that missing ingredient would most definitely do the job, and sharing the final product wouldmake everybody happy. This setting reminds me a lot of our collaboration framework. Because sometimes, for creating great things, just one little ingredient is missing.

    At moovel lab, we don't feel bad for missing one thing. But not finding this ingredient is what makes us feel bad. Consider our collaboration projects as bottom up innovation - finding ways to unleash the power of the many.

    There are many ideas worth following up in the lab. For some we might have just the right set of people on board. Others might need some help from elsewhere. And yet again other ideas might come from the outside, looking for the right platform to be made into reality.

    Finding the right format for different occasions is exactly what my job at moovel lab is about. In the past couple of months we have already gained quite a lot of experience with these collaboration models. But there are still many more formats we want to try.

    A format yet to be established are hack-days. We imagine this format more as an event. In this instance we see ourselves more as the platform, hosting these events. Hack-days will be organized to be both public and internal. This will give our co-workers the chance to fiddle around with ideas that don't necessarily fit in with the day-to-day job, while at the same generating ideas and starting discussions. Furthermore it will be a chance for us to get in touch with many great minds we don't know yet, people whose hearts also beat for reinventing urban mobility and connected topics.

    Our speculative design workshop with the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd was the first of its kind. We really enjoyed the whole process of creating a draft, getting in touch with lecturers and actually implementing this workshop in a master's curriculum. If you can see yourself in any of these situations, get in touch with me! Since we are a multi-disciplinary team, we are looking for far more disciplines than designers: Data mining, geography, urban development and traffic engineering are just some examples!

    To pursue the great ideas emerging out of these workshops, we have created chances for students to join our team. Depending on the situation this can be in form of an internship, a student assistant job or in special cases writing a final thesis. Students we've already hosted can be found in the alumni part of the people page.

    Dedicated projects from art, design or other scientific disciplines can also be researched in residency positions. For a duration of 3-6 months, motivated and experienced people will be part of our team. They will be responsible for carrying out a specific project, while participating in the lab's other daily affairs.

    We're always open to welcoming new people in the lab. In our Bring Your Own Idea opening you can find general information about working in the lab. If you are interested in bigger collaboration projects I - Tilman Häuser - will be happy to help you.


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