About the lab

    moovel lab is an anti-disciplinary creative space. We are part of moovel, located in Stuttgart. Our working environment is a setup somewhere between a research lab and a tinker’s garage. We dedicate our energy to topics that are all in a way related to what moves us in our urban surroundings.

    In our projects, we try to approach data analysis from different angles and communicate our ideas, investigations and prototypes through creating maps, movies or other design objects. Visualizing moovel’s projections of the future and discussing this content with followers, fans or believers will make mobility a bit more tangible for everyone.

    The lab hosts members, devotees and believers, that can realize projects on a professional basis, as part of their studies or as extracurricular activities.

    Summing this up in 7 points, our mission statement can be described as follows:

    moovel lab ...

    1 ... is an antidisciplinary creative space within moovel, somewhere between a research lab and a tinkerer’s garage.

    2 ... explores new ideas, prototypes and contexts for future mobility technologies.

    3 ... inspires debates about future mobility and their human consequences, both positive and negative.

    4 ... spends as much time as possible making things with as little overhead as possible.

    5 ... is a hub for people inside and outside of moovel to work on self-initiated projects (related to mobility).

    6 ... creates projects that are expressed in the most tangible/accessible/popular way possible addressing the broad public and domain experts in the contemporary mobility discourse.

    7 … facilitates and leverages innovation culture within moovel.

    What are key factors of the future of urban mobility? How do we have to change our behavior to get there? How can technology help us with that? On the track of answering these questions, we are constantly looking for ambitious partners to collaborate with - ranging form global corporations to start-up companies or university students.

    WORK WITH US! We're not just on the cutting edge, we're creating it. To us mobility technology is one of the most exciting fields on the planet. At the moovel lab, our dedicated teams are determining where this industry goes next. You can be a part of that!

    The moovel lab is currently engaged in a variety of collaborations with academia, industry and other creative minds. As the world evolves and technology continues to advance, the traditional boundaries are constantly being redefined. Hence it is essential for us to stay connected with key contributors, like universities and start-ups, and to strengthen mutual success on the fringes of the possible.

    moovel lab
    Hauptstätter Str. 149
    D-70178 Stuttgart
    E-Mail: hello@lab.moovel.com
    Web: lab.moovel.com

    Research Collaboration
    Raphael Reimann
    E-Mail: raphael.reimann@moovel.com

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